Keenan Wallace Dunham 

   Libertarian for President 2024

     Liberty and Justice For All!

Free Julian Assange and Ross Ulbricht.

Keenan Wallace Dunham has decided to stop running for President 2024 and hereby endorses Chase Oliver for the Libertarian Nomination for President 2024.  He will continue to advocate for the freedom of Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Ross Ulbricht and Dan Duggan, and a two state solution for Israel and Palestine as an activist.  Feel free to pick up any ideas from this website to use in your own activism.   From your friendly neighborhood Libertarian.  Till next time~~  KWD

Free Market

Eliminate Personal Income Tax

The personal income tax and social security will bankrupt the next generation if we don't make our budgets, collections, and spending reasonable now.  Anything the government spends, the American People will have to pay for, whether it's more war, war on drugs, a health system beheld by big pharma and insurance industries.

The personal income tax should be eliminated to 0% without a constitutional amendment, but by choice.  Also spending should be drastically cut for the government and social security should be eliminated and paid back to the people's investments so far with saving accounts if they are not already retired.  This is not a "Redistribution" OR a "Universal Basic Income", but a reimbursement immediately for people's hard work, and an end to the failed wasteful spending of Congress.

We should not trust the government to decide on any spending without thorough review by the people.  The Congress is opaque, hidden, confusing, and unreported on purpose, so $17 trillion could disappear from the Department of Defense, Billions can be spent on failed projects like the bullet train in California or the Scana Nuclear Plant in my homestate of South Carolina and never reimbursed to the people.

Therefore, the government needs to lose some of its spending power.  Income tax should be gone, the IRS should not be able to collect our data.  "Social Security" should be closed and paid out now, as no one believes the government will have that money in 20 years. 

I would enact these changes with congress, eliminate the income tax and enact optional personal savings accounts controlled by the individual for Social Security.  Medicare should also be replaced with a health savings account that can be used at a doctor of anyone's choosing.  


Legalization of Crypto-Currencies and Blockchain Ledgers

We should understand the technology of Crypto-Currencies and Blockchain Ledgers for their good uses.  In fact the technology for Crypto-Currencies and Blockchain ledgers can be useful for credit card systems, POS, marriage licences, and land deeds.  For some ledgers Crypto-Currencies and Blockchain Technology are faster and can include identity information securely and act as a back-up to written records.

I envision an entire Blockchain encryption for the federal government that is streamlined with social security number secured and a login to the system available, and the Blockchain at all times masks unauthorized information from chain of custody for each government department.  So when an official opens a document on the open system, their access date and time and so on is saved on a Blockchain.  Blockchains are tamper proof from the start of their system so what fields are visible in a blockchain are visible for the life of that blockchain.  So the government system would be strictly lawful, constitution based access.  Police data with arrests variable and dismissal of charges possible would not be on a blockchain I would estimate, since clearing of records takes a crime off forever.  Also hospitals would need a voice of how they would want to interact with this system, but it is worth investigating as an option and crypto-currencies should be legalized and regulated.


Legalization of Cannabis/Hemp/THC/CBD

Cannabis is no more dangerous than alcohol and has hundreds of medical uses which have been clearly shown to save and improve lives. Cancer, Aids, Autistic, Epilepsy, Fibro Myalgia, Depression and Anorexia patients can all benefit from Cannabis THC and CBD, and doctors have the right to prescribe it.  Hemp can be used in manufacturing of concrete, clothes, food, paper, and bio-fuel.

For a free market with all scientific technology available without the government picking winners and losers we should 100% legalize Cannabis and Hemp in all 50 states.  Cannabis has untapped potential in medical research and eventually doctors may do Zero atmosphere research in space to find the cure for cancer and understand the healing properties it has for many other conditions.

Keenan Wallace Dunham is a scientist who actually understands technology and the need for open and free markets for the future of the United States.


Legalization of Gambling

Gambling is an activity the government already has a hand in profiting from.  The Billion Dollar State Lottery businesses are already profitable and used to offset education costs.  Gambling should be legal across the United States 100%, internet, sports gambling, and casinos.  Regulation should be made so players can't gamble on their sports.  This should only be allowed at the Professional Sports level first, and perhaps once regulations are adopted a test market for on site gambling should be attempted with the current gambling industry involved.  When you bring an industry out of the dark that doesn't in of itself harm anyone, the illicit and underground factors can fall away like the legalized cannabis industry.  This is still a process that takes time.  I campaign to Legalize Gambling, but not to mandate it everywhere as states and municipalities can still ban casinos.  However I think we are ready for online poker gambling and sports betting nationwide which are allowed by the constitution already.

Legalize Freedom..Decentralize Power...World Peace

Freedom and Justice are not cheap.  Whistleblowers give out vital information to save lives when the truth is obfuscated.  Now more than ever before we need many strong voices using reason and science to uncover and reveal the Truth.  Whether this is about war crimes, Covid-19, weather or man-made catastrophes the Truth is important and vital for safety of all humans.  No one owns the Truth or the Rights to Human Dignity.  No one holds the gate-keys to science, neither through patents or monetary plateaus.  There are problems arising now and soon in the future that will take many people sharing information to solve.  People like whistleblower Julian Assange and innovator Ross Ulbricht should be freed because they have no victims to their ideas only benefit.  #NoVictimNoCrime  The government is not God, King, or Pharaoh.  Any government is a non-entity.  We need good leaders remember service is the We the People.  That thought recognized can uplift any of us to accomplish greater things TOGETHER.

Keenan Wallace Dunham ran for President 2020 as a Libertarian and endorsed Libertarian Nominee Jo Jorgensen, who is also from South Carolina.  Mr. Dunham qualified to be placed on the primary ballots in California and New Hampshire and attended many Libertarian Party debates and state conventions in 2020. Mr. Dunham was Chair of the Horry County Libertarian Party for 6 years and has aided numerous local candidates running for office since 2016. He is highly active in politics and community service. His campaign for US President consists of four domestic plans to expand the US economy.

Those are to Legalize Cannabis and Hemp nationwide, Legalize Gambling nationwide, Legalize and Regulate Bitcoin and Blockchain ledger technology, and Eliminate the Personal Income Tax.

His campaign also highly focuses on justice and rollback of the police state, the “Deepstate” and foreign intervention. Trade should be the focus of foreign dialogue and the sharing of knowledge. There should not be a restrictive national ID system limiting travel. The NSA, FBI, and HLS should not be allowed to gather citizen’s information without a crime specific warrant, and the 4th and 5th amendments followed regarding seizing or gathering personal information. Personal information is private property. Foreign aid and military bases should be rolled-back to stop foreign countries’ dependence on our resources.

Learn more about Keenan Wallace Dunham on his website:

Contact Information: Keenan Wallace Dunham for United States President 2024 (202) 505-4790 Twitter: @KDunham4Peace

Term Limits

The last three administrations and 20 years of congress have shown that politicians do not compromise anymore and cannot agree on budgets before shutting down the government almost every year multiple times.  Term limits should be introduced to cut off the temptation for lobbying, board of directors seats, and endless political careers for representatives.  Both congress and senate should be limited to two terms.  


The founding fathers did not rely on their government positions to survive and were not beheld financially by being in the positions themselves.  Representatives of the People should not expect to be lifelong bureaucrats and the entrenched beltway mentality has to end for the United States to remain fair and free.  


Keenan Dunham's campaign aims to rely on compromise with any goals we espouse and also promotes these goals for any person of any political party to take up.  It's not personal territory to promote a good idea or plan for the United States.  We want to promote the truth of the scientific and technological potential of the country based on intricate plans and ideas we have worked on for years that are all up for debate and improvement by many voices in America.  We only hope to be a voice of Reason among the many partisan tendencies going on between Republicans and Democrats these days.  In fact, it would benefit the country if there were finally some Libertarians in congress and senate positions and hopefully this will happen in the next few years.  


Check out other Libertarian Candidates running for local, state and federal offices on the Libertarian National website,

Thank you for doing your own research and we encourage all Americans to do their own research on any issues and on our government.

Liberty Versus Socialism Versus Authoritarianism

The logical progression of Freedom is protecting the rights of all individuals and realizing that Liberty requires lessening the power of the Government.  This was the hallmark Libertarian idea of the America Revolution.  Socialism, however, is the trend to once again give all our rights to the government to control.  Socialism restricts free exchanges and voluntary association and forces all citizens to be beholden to government by soft controls of huge taxes, welfare, medical care, family law, military draft, corporate subsidies, and oligarchy.

Rights are Natural and Inalienable, and deserve restrictions on collective control by any power, whether that be an Armed Force, Police, Corporations, Bureaucrats, of the Federal Government. At the same token, Authoritarianism is also the trend towards control of the populace through aggressive hard controls of police, criminal law, and military.  Libertarians believe our rights are independent of both Soft and Hard Controls.  The government has no right to criminalize or socialize freedom.

Both Democrats and Republicans favor more government and less free exchange of ideas.  They both push war currently and eschew peaceful whistle-blowers.

Our campaign teaches and espouses Liberty for All Americans, and spreads the message of mutual and voluntary association in the USA.  Please visit our pages about the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) and Voluntaryism here on the campaign website to read more about Classic Libertarian Philosophy.

We advocate the release of all Political Prisoners, the end of NSA and FBI Mass Surveillance, free association with social media, and protection of personal data on technologies such as cell phones and computers.

The greatest protector of civil liberties is the 5th Amendment of the Constitution which legally protects any American's right to Due Process under the Law.

The Constitution of the United States of America, 5th Amendment:

"No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation."

Non-Aggression Principle

#NAP Non-Aggression Principle, Murray Rothbard "No one may threaten or commit violence ('aggress') against another man's person or property."

Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You

The Non-Aggression Principle is the idea that a recourse sought by a person or the Government on a person should only be taken if that person is responsible for an aggressive recourse in the first place.  A person should not be attacked by anyone and only self-defense justifies physical resource.  A person whose action harms no one should not be held for a crime, like smoking cannabis in their home.  #NoVictimNoCrime  

If a crime does occur the state should respond in a manner that is similar to the action taken such as fines for stealing money or goods instead of jail-time.  This actually saves tax-payer's money and lets the person work and pay for their crime.

Incarceration actually ruins criminals' lives and leaves them so destitute and ostracized from society that they may never live outside of crime again, and may become habitually institutionalized.  Jails are horrible places for teaching bad behavior.

Violence may be employed only against the man who commits such violence; that is, only defensively against the aggressive violence of another. In short, no violence may be employed against a nonaggressor.

The NAP also can be applied to social interaction in that Recourse may be employed only against the person who commits such recourse; that is, only defensively against the aggressive recourse of another. In short, no recourse may be employed against a nonaggressor.

Within social paradigms, the NAP is beneficial, therefore logical, and socially practical. This particular morality is logical and verifiably beneficial in social situation based on quantifiable gains.  When the NAP is understood, and practiced it is quantifiable, logical, and objective.


Voluntaryism is the idea that all social contracts including citizenship and laws are negotiable and can be questioned.

All human interaction should be voluntary.

Combining the NAP and Voluntaryism, In any social contract, if I am harmed and wish to avoid aggression from the State, then I may end any and all social contracts immediately, and AM naturally free, what the founding fathers sought is natural self ownership in a free society.

Question the Government, Laws, Leaders, Officials, Corporations, Banks, Federal Reserve at all times, they are all voluntary contracts, all association is voluntary.

The reason for being involved in the processes of government, politics, free speech, debate, discussion, is to voice our concerns from our own lives and everyone should have a respectful place in that.  With the NAP as a respectful ideal for Liberty between parties we come to the point where we are all free individuals when we both respect each other and make government and corporations respect us.

If there is a large infraction by the government or corporations they can be held responsible in equal recourse.

This is still a revolutionary idea in the corrupt world we live in today.

Jury Nullification

Jury Nullification is the concept based on the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) that if the government or any party in a legal case is seeking a punishment that is too great compared to the accusation, that by choice the jury or jurors choose to give a not-guilty verdict because the punishment outweighs the case at hand.

If a person has not harmed another in their actions, then they don't deserve harsh punishment of years of jail from the government.  This is most apparent in drug cases where the person is just using and not harming anyone and may even have a dependence which jail would not help them whatsoever.  

So based on the NAP, a jury might choose to give a not guilty verdict if they don't agree with the slated punishment for a nonviolent "crime".

The Constitution

The Constitution is the prime law document that all must follow in the United States.  Rights are not bestowed by the government or the Constitution.  In fact the Constitution and the bill of rights are defined limits on government and restrictions on new laws that infringe natural rights that stem from natural free will.  Establishing a government at the beginning of the United States was really needed to protect our rights from foreign tyrants and thus a United group of States was formed. 


We have the entire document here because we follow its law in navigating lawful requirements of making changes in laws  and government.   Also we hope you read the text to better understand the laws you live under.

Restore Civil Liberties

Restore Civil Liberties and End Political Targeting

The Basis of Law in the United States of America is ONLY THE CONSTITUTION.  Although Laws and Arms of the government have been enacted such as the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Department none of these may act against the specific tenets of the Constitution.

The constant erosion of justice in the United States and Politicization of Law Enforcement stems from unclear mandates of large organizations like Homeland Security and FBI which since the Patriot Act have been allowed to pursue both foreign and domestic crime fighting and actually compete against each other at times.  The United States is neither a police state or police of the world.   Both the Homeland Security and FBI have exceeded their mandates over the rights of Americans at times in their histories.  

We should repeal the Patriot Act and disband the Homeland Security department, and align all government branch actions back in line with the Constitution.  The Constitution is a living document which does not create rights for citizens as those are inalienable, but it codifies and establishes protections for those natural rights of all Americans.  It would be a completely legal action for the next president to re-align the branches of the government back into lawful representation of the Constitution.

Mr. Dunham's campaign also highly focuses on justice and rollback of the police state, the “Deepstate” and foreign intervention. Trade should be the focus of foreign dialogue and the sharing of knowledge. There should not be a restrictive national ID system limiting travel. The NSA, FBI, and HLS should not be allowed to gather citizen’s information without a crime specific warrant, and the 5th amendment followed regarding seizing or gathering personal information. Personal information is private property. Foreign aid and military bases should be rolled-back to stop foreign countries’ dependence on our resources.