Keenan Wallace Dunham 

     Libertarian for President 2024

Free Markets...

Free Markets

Eliminate Personal Income Tax

The personal income tax and social security will bankrupt the next generation if we don't make our budgets, collections, and spending reasonable now. Anything the government spends, the American People will have to pay for, whether it's more war, war on drugs, a health system beheld by big pharma and insurance industries.

The personal income tax should be eliminated to 0% without a constitutional amendment, but by choice. Also spending should be drastically cut for the government and social security should be eliminated and paid back to the people's investments so far with saving accounts if they are not already retired. This is not a "Redistribution" OR a "Universal Basic Income", but a reimbursement immediately for people's hard work, and an end to the failed wasteful spending of Congress.

We should not trust the government to decide on any spending without thorough review by the people. The Congress is opaque, hidden, confusing, and unreported on purpose, so $17 trillion could disappear from the Department of Defense, Billions can be spent on failed projects like the bullet train in California or the Scana Nuclear Plant in my homestate of South Carolina and never reimbursed to the people.

Therefore, the government needs to lose some of its spending power. Income tax should be gone, the IRS should not be able to collect our data. "Social Security" should be closed and paid out now, as no one believes the government will have that money in 20 years.

I would enact these changes with congress, eliminate the income tax and enact optional personal savings accounts controlled by the individual for Social Security. Medicare should also be replaced with a health savings account that can be used at a doctor of anyone's choosing.

Legalization of Crypto-Currencies and Blockchain Ledgers

We should understand the technology of Crypto-Currencies and Blockchain Ledgers for their good uses. In fact the technology for Crypto-Currencies and Blockchain ledgers can still be useful for credit card systems, POS, marriage licenses, and land deeds. For some ledgers Crypto-Currencies and Blockchain Technology are faster and can include identity information securely and act as a back-up to written records.

I envision an entire Blockchain encryption for the federal government that is streamlined with social security number secured and a login to the system available, and the Blockchain at all times masks unauthorized information from chain of custody for each government department. So when an official opens a document on the open system, their access date and time and so on is saved on a Blockchain. Blockchains are tamper proof from the start of their system so what fields are visible in a blockchain are visible for the life of that blockchain. So the government system would be strictly lawful, constitution based access. Police data with arrests variable and dismissal of charges possible would not be on a blockchain I would estimate, since clearing of records takes a crime off forever. Also hospitals would need a voice of how they would want to interact with this system, but it is worth investigating as an option and crypto-currencies should be legalized and regulated.

Legalization of Cannabis/Hemp/THC/CBD

Cannabis is no more dangerous than alcohol and has hundreds of medical uses which have been clearly shown to save and improve lives. Cancer, Aids, Autistic, Epilepsy, Fibro Myalgia, Depression and Anorexia patients can all benefit from Cannabis THC and CBD, and doctors have the right to prescribe it. Hemp can be used in manufacturing of concrete, clothes, food, paper, and bio-fuel.

For a free market with all scientific technology available without the government picking winners and losers we should 100% legalize Cannabis and Hemp in all 50 states. Cannabis has untapped potential in medical research and eventually doctors may do Zero atmosphere research in space to find the cure for cancer and understand the healing properties it has for many other conditions.

Keenan Wallace Dunham is a scientist who actually understands technology and the need for open and free markets for the future of the United States.

Legalization of Gambling

Gambling is an activity the government already has a hand in profiting from. The Billion Dollar State Lottery businesses are already profitable and used to offset education costs. Gambling should be legal across the United States 100%, internet, sports gambling, and casinos. Regulation should be made so players can't gamble on their sports. This should only be allowed at the Professional Sports level first, and perhaps once regulations are adopted a test market for on site gambling should be attempted with the current gambling industry involved. When you bring an industry out of the dark that doesn't in of itself harm anyone, the illicit and underground factors can fall away like the legalized cannabis industry. This is still a process that takes time. I campaign to Legalize Gambling, but not to mandate it everywhere as states and municipalities can still ban casinos. However I think we are ready for online poker gambling and sports betting nationwide which are allowed by the constitution already.

Space Colonization

Space is a place for Scientific Research and Resource Gathering. It is full of resources and opportunities beyond current human understanding and the Human Species is an infant in the vastness of the universe. Space is not a place for militaries, nationalism, and other terrestrial habits. We have dreamed of a future in space as a human species and that dream is just beginning. The Dunham campaign has researched Space Colonization for the last ten years and all NASA patents should be made public domain and NASA should be privatized to allow non-government organization (NGO) expansion into space.

There should never be land or resource competition in space. We should share research and resources globally and also vertically among all economic classes. Therefore research done in space should be shared with anyone. Research in space is vital because zero gravity and zero atmosphere research often results in various results different than terrestrial research in medicine, chemistry, physics and robotics. There should be an atmosphere of shared knowledge in the space community. Therefore we would like to make all past NASA research public domain and free to access. Having NASA as a federal institution tempts politicians to use it for military purposes so it should be privatized and it's resources shared with the public.

From space tourism, to satellite launches, to space repairs, to space trash recycling, to resource gathering, NGOs should be allowed to explore and benefit from space with a Free Market. It is not for military advancement, but for prosperity of humans that we should explore and eventually colonize space. This takes one step in the right direction at a time. Farming techniques should also be researched in the space environment, in greenhouses on the Moon and Mars as well.

Two planning mistakes that slowed down NASA in the past were ignoring food growing research and having a moon base.

The human placement on Mars is not the number one goal for space. That is just a Hollywood and Nationalism show. Space should be colonized one small step at a time and actually the phase we are in now should include more robots building infrastructure than humans traveling too far than their bodies can even endure. A Mars trip for a human takes too long and is too strenuous at this time. The amount of muscle loss in space and also excess weight of current space suits on Mars' gravity makes that pursuit currently a fallacy.

NGOs could be building a solar panel highway for robots to build space infrastructure for us to the Moon. Establish a habitable resource independent Moon Base with greenhouse farms. Opportunities for NGO's should be open but not subsidized, so NGO'S find avenues that provide resourceful results, not government waste. That is another reason NASA should be privatized. Bureaucrats are not scientists. An endless Mars Mission is an endless waste of tax dollars. Space is best held in the works of scientists and NGOs that seek to discover cures for diseases, farming techniques, space robotics, green energy and resource gathering. Space is an endless new market that needs to be opened up. To accomplish this NASA and its research must be given to the public domain.