Keenan Wallace Dunham

Libertarian for President 2024

Liberty and Justice For All!

Term Limits

The last three administrations and 20 years of congress have shown that politicians do not compromise anymore and cannot agree on budgets before shutting down the government almost every year multiple times. Term limits should be introduced to cut off the temptation for lobbying, board of directors seats, and endless political careers for representatives. Both congress and senate should be limited to two terms.

The founding fathers did not rely on their government positions to survive and were not beheld financially by being in the positions themselves. Representatives of the People should not expect to be lifelong bureaucrats and the entrenched beltway mentality has to end for the United States to remain fair and free.

Keenan Dunham's campaign aims to rely on compromise with any goals we espouse and also promotes these goals for any person of any political party to take up. It's not personal territory to promote a good idea or plan for the United States. We want to promote the truth of the scientific and technological potential of the country based on intricate plans and ideas we have worked on for years that are all up for debate and improvement by many voices in America. We only hope to be a voice of Reason among the many partisan tendencies going on between Republicans and Democrats these days. In fact, it would benefit the country if there were finally some Libertarians in congress and senate positions and hopefully this will happen in the next few years.

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Thank you for doing your own research and we encourage all Americans to do their own research on any issues and on our government.