Keenan Wallace Dunham

Libertarian for President 2024

Liberty and Justice For All!


Voluntaryism is the idea that all social contracts including citizenship and laws are negotiable and can be questioned.

All human interaction should be voluntary.

Combining the NAP and Voluntaryism, In any social contract, if I am harmed and wish to avoid aggression from the State, then I may end any and all social contracts immediately, and AM naturally free, what the founding fathers sought is natural self ownership in a free society.

Question the Government, Laws, Leaders, Officials, Corporations, Banks, Federal Reserve at all times, they are all voluntary contracts, all association is voluntary.

The reason for being involved in the processes of government, politics, free speech, debate, discussion, is to voice our concerns from our own lives and everyone should have a respectful place in that. With the NAP as a respectful ideal for Liberty between parties we come to the point where we are all free individuals when we both respect each other and make government and corporations respect us.

If there is a large infraction by the government or corporations they can be held responsible in equal recourse.

This is still a revolutionary idea in the corrupt world we live in today.